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Many summer team swim parents are new to swimming and may not know much about the equipment your coach requires. This blog on summer league swim gear can be a handy reference for the brand new swim parent.

Practice Gear:

* Swim Suit - a solid practice suit but is not the team competition swim suit (see below under "Swim Meet Equipment")

* Goggles

* Towel

* Sun Screen

* Tennis Shoes – Yes, Tennis Shoes!  Coaches will sometimes run dryland practice for which the kids need to be prepared with a good pair of shoes.

Swim Meet Equipment:

* Team Swim Suit - purchased at open house and delivered before the end of May.  Cool customization this year is the reason behind not receiving the suit at the open house

* Goggles

* Towel(s) - some people bring 3-5 towels so kids have a dry one after each event

* Sun Screen

* Downloaded / Printed Meet Program (this will be emailed to you the night before)

* Sharpie (trust us!)

* Water bottles / snacks / $ for concessions

* Blankets / tarps / folding chairs

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