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How to Read a Heat Sheet

A meet program is also commonly referred to as a "heat sheet" and it is the most important reference during the meet because it lists all of the swimmers and their events.  It is organized by event number, heat, then swimmers and important swimmer information such as lane number, team abbreviation and seed time.

From heat sheet to heating

The morning of the meet, use the final heat sheet to know what your swimmers' events are and to make sure they get to heating on time in order to swim their events after all the hard work they put into practice.

  • Scan the heat sheet and find and highlight your swimmers' names along with the associated event numbers, heat numbers and lane numbers.  With multiple swimmers, different colored highlighters can be helpful.
  • It is important to make sure your swimmer knows all of their event, heat and lane numbers.  Many people find it useful to write their swimmer's event, heat and lane numbers on their swimmer's arm using a grid format as such:
5 1 4
17 2 5
39 3 6
51 1 2
  • Make sure that you and your swimmer know where the heating area is before the meet starts.  
  • Also important to know is where the event heating numbers are which is usually close by the heating area.  This board will show the beginning and ending event numbers that the heating area is accepting swimmers for.  As soon as your event number is in the range, make sure your swimmer gets to heating promptly.  Please do not wait until the event number is closer to the lower number on the range or your swimmer may miss their event.
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