PRELIMS MEET PROGRAM, Instructions & Volunteers

Hello Prelim swimmers' families!!!

Please find our Meet Programs attached for both Tuesday and Wednesday, as well as the list of event entries by athlete name.  

Double-check your swimmer(s)' entries to confirm their accuracy and let us know right away if you have any questions.

* Day 1 = TUESDAY @ Lifetime for 6 & Unders; 7-8s & 15-18s.  We'll warm up 6:50am-7:20am.  This meet should be done before 10:30am.  Please see the attached welcome letter for details.

* Day 2 = WEDNESDAY @ Tallyn's Reach for 9-10s; 11-12s; 13-14s.  This meet should be done before 12:30pm.  We're waiting to hear from Tallyn's Reach on the warm up times and meet details.   Stay tuned!

* I'm SEEKING + 4 volunteers each day - please log in to claim your shift!

The swimmers who are not in a prelim will hold regularly scheduled practice at our pool, on the same schedule as the past two weeks.

Go Barracudas!

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