Prelims schedule 2019

* Post-season is open to ALL of our swimmers with one exception, swimmers need to swim in at least two regular season meets and 10 practices to participate in prelims. If your swimmer is not participating in Prelims & Champs, they are done with meets for the season! They are still welcome to come to practice next week, but the focus of those practices will be preparation for Prelims. 

* We swim against all five teams in our Division at Prelims & Champs. These are the same teams we've met through the regular season.

* Please DECLARE your swimmer (either yes or no) for their Prelim ASAP and by Tuesday, July 2nd! Each swimmer can choose up to three events to swim in prelims. Please declare whether they are swimming or not, so that we have a positive count of the swimmers.

*The top 12 swimmers from each event will swim at Championships, with the 13th and 14th as alternates.
* Parents of swimmers at Prelims & Championships must volunteer for at least one shift in these events. You can check out the volunteer schedule when you declare for prelims! :-)
Post-Season Schedule
~July 1-3: Practice schedule remains the same as the week of the 24th.
~July 4-5: No practice. Happy 4th of July!
~July 9th: PRELIMS @ Centennial Lifetime for 6 & Unders, 7-8 and 15-18 age groups.
~Wednesday, July 10: PRELIMS @ Centennial Lifetime for 9-10, 11-12 & 13-14 age groups
~ Practice Times for the week of July 10th will be published soon.
~July 13 / AM: CHAMPIONSHIPS @ Willow Creek 3 - Note: because a swimmer needs to qualify for Championships by placing in the top 12 at Prelims, you do not need to declare for the Championship meet.

Questions? Please reply or catch a Parent Rep / Coach during your next practice!

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