2021 Team Slideshow Photos Needed!

Hello all,

With the swim season already halfway through, it's time to start putting together this year's Team Slideshow! As in previous years, we would like to include EVERY Barracuda swimmer in the slideshow, so we will need your help to make sure this happens. We know there are a million cameras and phones snapping pictures during our meets, so we're hoping you can share your best photos with us for inclusion in the Slideshow.

Our ask is that every family submit at least their favorite two still pictures and one short video of their swimmer(s). If you're on the fence about submitting the photos, don't forget that the kids love seeing their faces on the big screen when we all watch the Slideshow at the end of year party!

With the large number of swimmers on the team, it's challenging to organize those photos and keep track of who has sent them in. So we're also hoping that you'll be able to help out with that process.

When sending in your photos, if you could please do it through the team's Google account that would be really help us out.

Website: https://photos.google.com/

Username: [email protected]

Password: barracuda2021

This is a private site just for the Barracudas, so please do not share these login details with anyone outside the team. It might pop up a window asking you to protect the account by setting a phone number or a recovery email. Please don't do that! Leaving these off the account makes it much easier for everyone to log in from their own devices.

Once you log in you'll see folders for each age groups and other categories. Inside the age groups folder, please add a folder for your kiddo if one doesn't exist already. Then add your photos and/or videos to it!

If you have other fun photos from any of the social events or of coaches and volunteers, please add those to the appropriate folder as well (or create one).

In order to have any chance of actually getting the Slideshow done in time for the end of year party, please submit your photos well before the end of the season!

If you're already logged in to a Google/Gmail account, it's easy to switch between accounts via the account initials icon in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Just click on the add account link.

If for any reason you have difficulty accessing the site, you can also email your submissions to [email protected] Any questions, send them to the same email address.

Thank you all for you help in putting together a great slide show for the season!


Jeff Rudnick (Norah and Sophie's dad)

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