WC1 vs WC3 06.04.22

You'll find the meet program by event as well as by athlete attached to this email. Reminder that event start times are included for your convenience but they are estimates only. You can find first and last call information on the heating board (by the heating area) as well as on our website: wc1barracudas.com

Go Barracudas!!!

7:00 Warmups

8:00 Meet Start

Opponent: Willow Creek 3 Dolphins

Meet Theme: Hawaiian

Help the meet move quickly and smoothly!

*Know your child’s event numbers and bring them to heating when their number is displayed on the first call board (you will also be able to track first and last call event numbers on our website, wc1barracudas.com)

*Please do not hang around in the heating area - the H20s will take great care of them.

*Please avoid scratching (pulling) your child from a race. If you must scratch your child from a race, please communicate it directly with your coach. The coach will then notify the appropriate parties on the pool deck. (And please don’t leave for the afternoon without letting a coach know that your child will be missing the rest of their races!)


*Please help clean up after the meet! If everyone takes just a few minutes to pick up trash or move a table or chair back to its standard poolside location we can get the pool back into community usage status more quickly. This is great for our non-swim team community members – they want to use the pool too! If you child was hanging out at the playground or greenbelt please help them clean up any trash they may have left behind!

Tips for Your First Meet

*Dress in layers; cool in the morning, then hot in the afternoon.

*Apply and re-apply sunscreen often

*Pack healthy snacks, and bring cash/card for the concession stand.

*Stay hydrated!

*Bring camp chairs, a blanket to spread out, and a shade tent or umbrella if you have one.

*Have fun! Please reach out to your child's coach or one of the parent reps if you have any questions or concerns.

Go Barracudas!!!

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