Barracudas LAST CALL for photos for slideshow!

This is it! Your last chance to be in the slideshow.

Take a few pics at Saturday's meet and email them to [email protected] and while you're at it, send along any photos you've taken throughout the season. You can also access the Barracuda google photos account yourself to upload (user: [email protected] p: WCIBarracudas) Please identify the age group(s) in the photo when possible.

The Barracuda Slideshow is a highlight of our banquet on July 16, make sure your swimmer(s) is included by submitting photos by July 13!

Swim photo tips:

  • Action photos are nice, but 140 swimmers in the water with goggles, swim caps, and matching swimsuits start to look alike after a while, consider submitting pool deck photos, heating shots, and fun group shots as well.
  • Short video clips are also great. A dive off the blocks, the Cupid Shuffle, enjoying concessions on the pool deck... send them over.
  • While the kids are the stars, volunteers/parent photos are welcome too. The team wouldn't work without the whole family!

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