Barracuda Swim Team Registration, Open House, etc.

Happy Saturday Barracudas!

Swim season is coming! Below are some important dates:

Registration for the 2024 swim season opens Monday, April 1st! And, that is no April Fools joke, we are getting ready for summer! We have some updates and information to share so please take a little time to read through this.

April 1st: Registration opens online!

Sign up to Volunteer

All Barracuda families commit to volunteer to at least five shifts during the regular season. Each meet is split into two shifts.

When we open up registration we will also open the swim meet volunteer shifts on the website. If you sign up early you can get the shifts/jobs you want that work with your family’s schedule.

Volunteer Leadership Positions Open

One of the many reasons this team is amazing is because of all the fabulous parent volunteers and we need you! We have a few open leadership positions still open. Volunteers who take a leadership position are exempt (though still welcome) from the Swim Meet volunteer shift responsibility.


(Home Meets Only) Coordinate swimmer entries for all home meets, place them into their races and manage scratches & adds on the pool deck.


This is a great job for either an individual, or maybe a few people could form a team, who love playing with photos, being creative, and video editing.


Do any of our Barracudas have expertise or interest in helping our fundraising efforts? We will need to replace our swim blocks and this is a significant expense. We would love help with ideas (maybe even have fun along the way) to raise these funds! We also have a few ideas already and could use some help with organizing.

Please email the WC1 parent reps if you are interested in any of these positions or just want to learn more!

April 4th 5pm-7pm: Open House 

Willow Creek 1 Clubhouse

New suits this year! Come try on so you know what size to order.

13 and older: Interested in being an H2O? Come learn about what that means!

Miss your Barracuda friends? Come socialize! Stop by when you can. BYOB. Come chat, learn about the team and volunteer opportunities!

Check out the vintage Barracuda gear in the Barracuda gear swap.

Can't wait to see you all soon!!!

2024 Parent Reps- Jamie Gagne, Erin Herman, Danielle Blakely 

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